Hi there!

My Name is Simon aka Loxias and I’m a producer DJ.

Since early on, music was one of the main parts my life and I spent a lot time playing around with instruments I found in my parents‘ shop. Later I went to school with a focus on music and arts, where I also matriculated in. I am DJing and producing since around 2012. Since then, I played festivals in different countries of Europe a looooot of indoor parties all over Austria and I supported acts like Tristan, Sonic Species, Sinerider, Lifeforms, Materia, Chris rich and many many more!

Since September 2015 I am studying Multimedia Arts Audio.

In fall 2017, I was working in a studio for game sound and localisation in Hamburg, Germany!

Do you have a question or want to book me?

Feel free to write me a private message or get connected via my new Label FLOW EV Records.