Taliesin is a gifted composer and multi-instrumentalist who has this special knack of picking up on those wild and ancient rhythms that kindle our age-old desire for dance and release and to combine them with his skilful instrumental implementation and his fantasy-world compositions and arrangements and to project it all into the future!

From early childhood on, it was the guitar that formed the basis of Taliesin’s multi-facetted musical development. In his youth, he learnt to play the synthesizer under the guidance of experienced musicians and technicians and mastered all aspects of its operation including the keyboard and percussion. It is this knowledge that has been paramount in giving Taliesin’s music its technical perfection and musical uniqueness which continually feeds his passion in the exploration of new terrain, both as an artist and a technician!

Nowadays Taliesin creates his soundscapes in his own studio with cutting edge technology. His strong affinity with Celtic mysticism and “pagan” rituals is reflected in every track that pours out from Taliesin’s enigmatic quill.
This acoustic coupling of the raucous Tyrolean mountain rites with the ancient mythical world of the Celts – who happened to be early settlers in this region thousands of years ago – appeals directly to the ancient spirit residing within us.

Taliesin manages to achieve the singularly unique: That is, to take his listeners on an inner journey through to the feeling of total release and trance just through by using his sounds, harmonies and rhythms.
The soundscapes that Taliesin tempts us to enter into kindle our archaic fantasies. Visions of a time long past cross over our inner eye and are joined, at times, by the sweet torment of utmost joy and happiness.