Dj Mahut

Dj Mahut is 29 year old Jörg Bruckbacher from Austria. His musical interest started very early at the age of 10.
At the beginning, Mahut listened to Hip Hop and Trip Hop Sounds. At the age of 13 then he stumbled across Goa Trance and did not know how to deal with this experience.
After that he became accustomed to electronic music more and more as a listener, accepted this as a new chapter of his life. Therefore Jörgs musical mind changed and he started to listen to D&B and Breaks stuff.
In the late 90’s there was a big boom of Techno, so he finally went to his first partys – and made strong experiences. Incredibly amazed by the atmosphere of these partys, Dj Mahut started to visit trance partys regularly and fell in love immediately. Mahut partied a lot, danced and altered his mind, always looking and learning how these DJs do their work. Feeling the need to take a bigger part in this musical universe, Jörg bought his first CDJ’s and a mixer 2004 – and started to mix himself. „What an absolutely great thing“ – he thought to himself.
Over the following years Jörg began to buy loads of Cd’s and Vinyl and up to this day, his collection of music is still growing. Not that long after he bought his first gear, he also got his first gigs at smaller partys. His love 4 morning psy was growing and growing. In 2007 he played his first gig in vienna. Nowadays his musical mind changed again a little bit. But listen to the mixes and you will hear 😉
His range is from tech-house, electro, breaks, minimal and techno to progressive, dark progressive morning 2 fullon, pumping & twisted nightpsy!

Played Gigs;

09.02 Cosmic Meeting 5

17.02 Drops of Dreams

31.03 Psy im Gei Manju live

26.05 Fullmoon Synt-X-Perience Human Groove live

14.06 love projekt: zum inder – partykatzen hoch die tatzen

20.07 Synap -Sense with Hypnocoustics

10.08 Progressive Beach Sbg

08.11 Rajka Beach Hungary

22.11 Earthdance with Dharma

27.10 Fullon Circus

16.11 Mondton with Symphonix

22.12 Psycoholix Fuck Christmas

31.12 Psylvestrance Prague