Stefan aka Dj Genesis, born in Salzburg / Austria, was infected by the world of psytrance back in 2004 and the DJ-Equipment moved into his home shortly after the first contact to this kind of music.

Thereupon an intense engagement in psytrance started which lasts till now.

Over the years, Dj Genesis got connected with Darklines, Twenty4seven Records , Otherland Productions and Sakog Kulturwerk, who pushed him to demonstrate and strengthen his skills.
To broaden his mind, he frisk to Tyrol, Carinthia, Styria, Burgenland and Vienna,even to Hungary and Croatia.

Amongst other Artists, Dj Genesis meet with Akira Indica, who enabled him to play on “Kannibalen Massaker (Bavaria/Germany)”, his first Festival Appearance . Last but not least the boys from Psycho-Tribe (Germany) with their legendary Parties at Café Festung.

Dj Genesis played at large attendance venues like the 3 Day Festival @ Gaisbergspitze, Unite Parade, Arge Nonntal, Sakog Kulturwerk, Rockhouse, B.Lack Club (Cave Club), Bizzare Artist Parties, Pixan Lebel rec. Party

Outdoor Festivals: Kannibalen Massaker, Momento Demento, Movida Silent Disco, Flow Festival, Psy Island Festival and many other magical places „wink“-Emoticon
His sounds ranging from smooth progressive vibes to crunchy, edgy mindbenders and driving quirky dark style with some tech trance, hypnotizing dance floor killers, offering a full circle journey through the psychedelic trance music genre.

Dj Genesis played at parties alongside Acts like: Sinerider, Antispin, Juggler, Tiefenrausch, Logica, Plasmotek, Perfect Stranger, Symphonix, Liquid Soul, Protonica, Laughing Buddah, G.M.S, Ace Ventura, Kabayun, Mole, Dharma, Drumatik, Assioma, PRINCIPLES OF FLIGHT Bombaxx, Oil, Bliss, Avalon, Atma, Absolum, Materia, Brainiac, Earthling, Astartica, Roomnoise Project and many many more !