Miss Butterfly aka Djane Nicoletta (music is my world and my life)

Miss Butterfly has, ever since early childhood, had a strong love for music and sees in it the perfect medium for expressing feelings and emotions.
She has also always had a strong connection with the beautiful, bright colourful nature of that incredible metamorphic animal, the butterfly.

We are all in various stages of metamorphosis and are going through personal cycles of (hopefully  ) expansion and growth. The butterfly is a strong symbol of transformation and transience.
It is a symbol for the lightness of being and the colourful playfulness of life.

Miss Butterfly is the set and setting for the cosmic space needed for this transformation to unfold in the dance floor experience.

She is a refreshing ray of light in the Psytrance scene and has been illuminating our minds, hearts and souls on the dance floor since 2007.

Based in Vienna, she has often appeared internationally at clubs and festivals.

Her versatility of style and her ability to connect with the dance floor and spread that “feel-good” feeling, produce that ecstatic trance and create that special spirit, just comes naturally to her.

Her colourful style ranges all the way from chill-out, progressive psy to psychedelic full-on.
Rolling, pumping bass lines, colourful melodies, energising beats, bouncy grooves, mystical, uplifting butterflies…

Whatever style she plays, her cosmic trigger sets will provide you with many magnificent moments and her wisely selected outros will be sure to bring dancers back to the physical world, safe and sound.

Her compilation “Rise of the Butterflies” a double CD released in 2013 on Plusquam Records allowed newcomers and well-established artists to come together to create their own Butterfly Effect, letting loose the butterflies in our stomachs.

If you want to know where all this is heading…
Tune in, Turn on and SMI²LE pure.

Skype: die.jane.nicoletta

Appearances: VuuV Festival 2014 (DE),New Healing Festival 2014 (DE), F.L.O.W Festival 2011-2015, (AUT), Summer Never Ends Festival 2013,2015 (CH), Paradise Festival 2010-2013 (AUT), Energy Circle 25 2013 (DE), Funny Moon Festival 2008-2015 (CZE), Svens Birthday Bash 2014 (DE), Cosmic Space Disco 2009-2014 (AUT), Paradise Winter Festival 2012 (AUT), Paradise Festival Club Edition 2013 (AUT), Spirit Base Festival 2010-2012 (AUT, HU Avaloka 2011-2013 (AUT), Global 2000 Tomorrow Festival 2013 (AUT), Freigeister Easter Eggs 2013 (DE), Kannibalen Weltmusik Festiva 2013 (DE), Monkey Valley Festival 2013 (DE), Lighthouse Festival 2013 (CRO), Cosmic Pool Party 2011 (AUT), Progressive Selection 2012 (AUT), Peters Magic Trip A Psychedelic Birthday Journey 2013 (DE), Cosmic Winter Zauber 2013 (AUT), Rebirth Water Festival 2011 (ROU), ElbElfen Magic Potion 2012 (DE), WAZHADRA Halloween Party 2012 (FR), ElbElfen Fantastic Dreams III 2011 (DE), Cosmic Family Open Air 2010 (AUT), Sunday Chai Zelt Easter Special@Flex 2011 (AUT) Seeds of Love Festival 2008 (CZE), Goa Trance Night@Palmaclub 2012 Tuzla/Bosnien, Club Delphin 2008-2009 (AUT), Fairytales 2007-2009 (AUT), and much more…

Labels: FLOW EV Records 2016, BMSS Records 2014, Cosmicleaf Records since 2008,
Plusquam Records 2010-2013

Releases: Double compilation: Rise of the Butterflies (Plusquam Records 2013)

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