Following his first chapter „Three Times Three“, Jürgen Kern, ( who is a psychedelic astronaut since the early beginnings ) is back with his second Album „TALES OF THE MARVELOUS TWILIGHT“ Modern bass-lines, Hypnotic atmospheres and Psychedelic glitches all mix with traditional and energetic melodies to give the listener a full spectrum of psychedelic trance. He also wrote the Show Music for the famous Performing Artist`s group „Phoenix Fire Dancers“ and was a member of the Austrian Bands, A Wedding Anniversary and Supermax. These Projects and Collaborations which created lasting impressions and friendships, allowed him to travel the world to countries like Germany, Switzerland, France, Russia, Italy, Montenegro, Latvia, Kazakhstan and Sri Lanka for shows and performances. Watch out for further releases from Taliesin, much more Music is already in the oven and coming soon. Stay tuned!

Psyshop – Tales of the marvelous twilight – TALIESIN

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