For me, music has always been a constant companion that can bring forward an array of emotion. Music can put a smile on my face and leave me with goose bumps.

Once on holiday with my family I came across a song called, “I feel love” by Donna Summer. I can remember that feeling like I was hearing something new and original. From this point on, I payed more attention to my fathers synthesizermusic at home and experimented with the base dial, trying to see what would happen if I turned it up to its maximum.
My parents were always very supportive of my interest in music and in early age I had music lessons, went to the theatre and sung in a choir. As I grew older I started accompanying my sister to concerts, clubs and raves.
Discovering the many faces of music was an exciting experience and I enjoyed using dance and movement to express the diverse feelings that they evoked. I am fortunate enough to be able to look back on a large collection of favourite songs that accompanied me at certain points in my life. Above all, the gothic rock, crossover, 90s grunge, 70s psychedelic rock, Austrian new folk music and classical genres have been awarded a special place in my heart.

A while back a good friend of mine finally persuaded me to join him at the Ozora festival in Hungary. It was my first psytrance experience and it changed my life. I was so impressed by the culture surrounding it and its diversity of sound. The music offered endless things to be discovered and it fascinated me. Following Ozora, my passion for DJing began. An adventure called Noreya started.

I played my first outdoor festival at Forest Star in Sweden, 2014. At my first club in Vienna called Kamera, I did the progressive selection. Following this I played in the Mibar at X-Psy in Berlin and at the FLOW festival.

I am looking forward to find myself in music and I like to offer my audience awesome baselines, beautiful melodies, stories told through sound and room to fly.